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New Vastarel MR 35 Mg 60 Tablets ingredient Trimetazidine View larger

Vastarel MR 35 Mg 60 Tablets ingredient Trimetazidine


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Vastarel MR 35 Mg 60 Tablets ingredient Trimetazidine

VASTAREL MR 35 mg Film Coated Modified ReleaseTablet

It is taken by mouth.

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▼ This drug is subject to additional monitoring. This trianglerapid identification of new safety information

will ensure the. You can help by reporting any side effects. Youside

can check the end of Chapter 4 to learn how to reporteffects.

Please read this INSTRUCTIONS carefully before you start using this medicine

because it contains important information for you.

• Keep these instructions for use. You can need to read again.

• If you have other questions, please talk your doctor or pharmacist.

• This medicine has been prescribed to you personally, please do not give it to others.

• Whenthis medicinedoctor that you are taking this medicinego to a doctor or hospital

using, tell yourwhen you.

• Follow the instructions in this manual. Dohighother than the recommended dose for the

not useor low dosesdrug.

In these operating instructions:

1. What is VASTAREL MR and what is it used for?

• VASTARELMR 35 mg film coated modified release tablet is in blisterconsisting of 60 tablets

pack. Vastarel MR belongs to the cellular anti-ischemic group.

• VASTAREL MRI isangina pectoris (caused by coronary diseaseadult patients

used in combination with other drugs in the treatment ofchest pain) in.

2.ME Vastarel will need to be considered before using

DO NOT USEMRI in the following cases Vastarel

•hypersensitiveto any substance that contains the active substance or if Vastarel MRI

If you are (allergic).

• If you have Parkinson's disease: a disease that affects movement (tremor,arms and legs

stiffness in, difficulty in movement, and walking imbalance).

• You have serious kidney problems.


• In breastfeeding.

• This drug is effective in preventing angina crises. It isfor angina attacks that have started

not a cure.

• Unstable angina is not the initial treatment of pectoris disease.

• Not suitable for the treatment of heart attack (myocardial infarction).

• Inform your doctor in case of angina attack. Your treatmentreviewed and youtest

may need to bemay need to take theand your treatment can be changed.

• This medicationtrembling, constant posture, slow movements, and foot, especially in elderly patients, and

can cause symptoms such asswallowingmay lead to deterioration or worsening of symptoms;

these symptoms shouldyour doctor for examination and re-evaluation of the treatment

be reported to.

• Drops may occur due to a decrease in blood pressure or loss of balance (see

section 5. What are the possible side effects?).

Pleaseif these warnings are valid for you, even at any time in the past

consult with your doctor

Dırdan Use of VASTAREL MR with food and drink

Doses should be taken with food.


Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using the medication.

VASTAREL MR is not recommended for pregnancy.

If you discover that you are pregnant during your treatment,doctor or pharmacist immediately

consult your.


Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using the medicine.

It is not recommended to use VASTAREL MR when breastfeeding.

Use of

this machinedizziness and, which may affect your ability to drive or use machinery

may causedrowsiness.

Use with other medicines

If you are taking any medicines or have recently taken medicinesthose without a prescription

, please inform your doctor or pharmacist about them, including.

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