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Estreva Transdermal Gel 1% ingredient Estradiol


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Estreva Transdermal Gel 1% ingredient Estradiol

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Every 100 gram of gel contains Estradiol, hemihydrate 0.10325 g

Amount relating to anhydrous Estradiol 0.10000 g

Method of activity

Hormone - normal Estrogen

(Genito-urinary framework and sex hormones)

General estrogen treatment by percutenous course permitting:

Utilization of estrogen normally emitted by the ovary, 17 β estradiol;

Maintaining a strategic distance from the impact known as post-hepatic entry in charge of an expansion in the blend

of angiotensinogen, VLDL lipoproteins and certain coagulation factors which are accepted to

support cardiovascular, thrombo-embolic and metabolic reactions.


Adjustment of estrogen insufficiencies because of essential or auxiliary characteristic or fake ovarian

inadequacy: vasomotor scatters (vasomotor flushes), trophic genito-urinary disarranges (vulvo

vaginal decay, dyspareunia, pee incontinence) and mental issue (resting

issues, asthenia) connected to the menopause.

Dose and Administration

Estreva gel is exhibited in tube-bottles with dosing pumps

Each portion conveys 0.5 g of gel, ie 0.5 mg of estradiol

The normal portion is 1.5 g of gel for each day, i.e. 3 dosages, for 24 to 28 days.

The measurements can be adjusted to specific needs, or any leftover estrogen generation and

individual pharmacokinetic qualities.

The dose might be readapted after 2 or 3 treatment cycles, contingent upon the clinical

symptomatology, at the end of the day:

The portion can be diminished should manifestations of hyperestrogenia, for example, agonizing bosoms,

stomach pelvic swelling, nervousness, pressure, forcefulness happen.

The portion can be expanded ought to hypoestrogenic manifestations happen, for example, persistance of hot

flushes, vaginal dryness, cerebral pains and issues with dozing, asthenia, inclination for


It is exceptionally prescribed that a progestogen be joined for the last 12 to 15 days of utilization of

estradiol gel.

The patient applies the gel onto clean skin, ideally in the wake of washing toward the beginning of the day or night,

on the midriff, thighs, arms, bear, except for the bosoms. The gel ought not be

connected to the mucosa. Back rub is of no utilization however it is prescribed that subjects hold up 2 minutes

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