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Progestan 200 Mg 21 soft capsules ingredient progesteron


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Progestan 200 Mg 21 soft capsules ingredient progesteron


Intermediate 298 mg

Lecithin (soy) 2 mg

for excipients

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soft capsules,

oval, white opaque soft capsules located in Chinawhite homogenous oily viscous liquid

4.1. Therapeutic Indications

Gynecological: Problems related to progesterone insufficiency, especially;

- Premenstrual syndrome

- Menstrual disorders (dis ovulation or anovulation)

- Benign mastopathy

- Perimenopause (without hyperestradiolemia)

- Menopause (complementary to estrogenic treatment)

- Infertility due to luteal insufficiency.

Obstetrics: In the recurrent abortions due to low hazard or luteal phase failure

prevention of.

Note: More than half of spontaneous abortions are genetic. In addition,

infections and mechanical problems may also be the cause of abortion. In such a case,

progesterone removal only delays the disposal of a dead egg. Therefore Progesterone

, the use of cases where the secretion of corpus luteum is proven to be inadequate


.2. Posology and route of administration

Posology: The average daily dose is 200-400 mg of progesterone.

- 1 capsule is taken while lying in the evening or 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule lying in the axle.

- Premenstrual syndrome, benign mastopathy, menstrual disorders,luteal insufficiencies

premenopause in; 10 days of cyclic treatment (17th to 26th day in each cycle


- It is not recommended to use estrogens alone for menopause replacement therapy

(hyperplasia risk). After 3 weeks of estrogen administration, progesterone is added to the last 2 weeks (day 10 days

at a dose of 200-400 mg /for) and 1 week of treatment is interrupted (menstrual

bleeding occurs).

-according to the condition of thermal pain in infertility treatment caused by luteal insufficiency

2 capsules a day from the 17th day of menstruation.

- In menstrual disorders, until the recovery of menstrual bleeding.

-recurrentcaused by lower luteal insufficiency

2 capsules are used in 3 doses daily for the prevention of abortions risk. Sometimes the dose is 3 per day

removed too capsules.

The frequency and duration of administration: The

frequency and duration of administration is determined by the doctor.

Application: It

is used orally.increase the bioavailability to a full

It is recommended to stomach.

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